"Tips For Building
Muscle Mass"

Proven Ways To Increase Your
Size & Strength

Having a difficult time building muscle mass?

Are you sick and tired of spending countless hours at the gym, and not getting the results you desire?

Well I'm here to help you break that plateau and help you accelerate that muscle building goal of yours.

During this section, I'm gonna highlight the important four strategies that you can implement to help you build muscle mass and gain quality weight.

building muscle mass, build muscle massNot All Workouts Are Created Equal

Adding a few of these variations to your overall routine. You'll notice some gradual gains in strength and start to see some impressive results.

Tips For Building Muscle Mass

Here are some helpful tips to help you pack on pounds upon pounds of muscle.

Eat More Calories

loads of calories
Eat Lots & Lots

This is definitely an understatement.

People want to gain weight, grow muscle, increase their chest, arms, and everything in between. But..

They all seem to be lacking in one department - proper nutrition and the amount of calories they eat!

This is big one and simply cannot be ignored.

If you want to know the secret to building muscle mass you have to learn one thing, you have to eat a ton of calories!

And when I say a ton, I really do mean a ton of calories - anywhere between 3000-5000 calories!

And if you know anything about calorie counting, that's a significant amount of calories. You'll be eating around the clock, and probably be consuming five to six quality meals a day.

If you wanna look like a beast, you need to get in the habit of eating like a beast.. Fit in a few high protein snacks throughout the day.

hungry beast
Eat Like A Friggin' Lion! (finandastudio)

According to UCSF (university of san francisco), here are some healthy ways to increase calories & protein intake..

People are gonna think your crazy for eating so much, but it doesn't matter what they think.

Just know what you gotta do, go out and do it.

Lifting Heavier Weights

heavy weight
Lift Heavy

Another tip for building muscle mass would be to lift more weight.

By lifting heavier weights you are stimulating your muscles to grow both in size and strength.

For example, if you want to increase your chest size, you'll need to start gradually increasing your bench press.

It doesn't necessary matter how much weight you move, and how quickly.

You need to work at your own place, don't compare yourself to the guy next door. Focus on yourself and focus on properly engaging the muscles as you lift.

A good muscle building workout would consist of: lifting heavier weights for 4-6 repetitions (sixth rep being extremely hard to complete) for a set of 3.

Lifting With High Intensity

training with high intensity
Push Yourself

It's important to mention high intensity training.

High intensity training refers to "lifting like you mean it".

Put some serious passion into your workouts.

It means, pushing yourself hard every time your at the gym. It means loving the gruesome workouts. That's what its gonna take for you to take your physique to the next level.

You want to keep challenging your body. You need to gradually increase the weights, pushing out those extra reps.

It's gonna be painful. You're gonna want to quit. But dig deep, do whatever it takes to keep the intensity high.

This is what it takes to breakdown muscle fibers, causing them to re-grow back stronger then ever.

Rest & Recovery

rest and recovery man
Resting Is Vital

This is a very important topic, rest.

There's nothing sexy about resting. But rest and recovery is your best friend when it comes to building impressive muscle.

Rest is one of the most important things you can do for your body and its tired muscles.

Rest is what allows muscles to adequately repair itself, and allows them to reconstruct properly.

If you ask any experienced weight lifter or athlete, they'll always preach the importance of proper rest and recovery.

Because if you train hard, with high intensity day in an day out. You'll soon find you body extremely worn out, and your performance will gradually degrade.

Making recovery that much more important.

Keep in mind.

"Muscle Do Not Grow In The Gym.
Muscles Grow At Home."

Bottom Line

The take home message here is that if your looking into building muscle mass and increase your physical fitness.

You'll need to follow these outlined steps.

By implementing these strategies, you'll be able to properly fuel the muscles with abundant calories, properly training them, and adequately resting them.

These are the fundementals to building a solid physique.

Now go out there and grow some muscle!

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