"Creatine Levels"

The Important Phases Of Creatine Supplementation

What are creatine levels?

In this session, we'll discuss the four main stages of creatine implementation:

  1. Creatine "Loading Phase"
  2. Creatine "Maintanence Phase"
  3. Creatine "Cycling Off Phase"
  4. Creatine "Cycling Schedule"

Is there a special method to taking creatine?

These are a few questions that'll be discussed throughout this article on creatine levels.

creatine level
Creatine Levels: Optimized Creatine Loading Phases

We'll talk about the importance of creatine when it comes to building solid muscle, and why keeping the levels high is beneficial for any athlete.

Once you decide to start taking creatine supplementation.

You need to learn: how much should you take and how often. Okay, let's get started..

Let's take a look at the difference between the "loading" and "maintenance" and "cycling" phases..

1. The "Loading Phase"

So when you begin a creatine supplementation plan, you need to start with something known as a "creatine load" also known as the "creatine loading phase".

It's just a fancy term use to describe the introduction of creatine to the body.

This process basically means, for the first five days of starting creatine, you need to take a higher dosage (~ 20-25 grams) per day. By taking it in these servings will help saturate your muscles. Causing them to absorb it the most.

But the body can only take a maximum of 5-10 grams per session. Meaning, that the body can only absorb soo much creatine at one time.

So, that's where a loading programs becomes important.

You start by breaking your creatine dosages throughout the day, (ex. 20g) such as 4x of 5 grams each, or a split schedule of 2x of 10 grams each (morning/ night), totaling 20g.

This is the best option for maximizing the creative levels in the body. Helping to adequately saturating your muscles as best as possible.

After you complete the loading phase. We'll learn about the.. maintenance phase..

2. The "Maintenance Phase"

After you complete the loading phase (as outlined above), you can begin second tier process known as the creatine "maintenance phase".

Which is a much easier phase to stick with, as you only need to take 5 grams of creatine, daily, to keep your creatine levels properly elevated.

By taking 5 grams of creatine daily, your keeping your creatine levels at a constant high.

Helping prepare the muscles to retain sustained energy for the upcoming, intense workouts.

But after the maintenance phase, we learn the "cycling off" process..

3. The "Cycling Off Phase"

While keeping creatine levels high is great, but a common question is:

  • When Should I Stop?
  • Should I Keep Taking Creatine Forever?

And, this is where we start discussing the options..

Many experts suggest that once you complete both the loading and maintenance phases, you should complete the final stage, a "cycling off" phase.

This phase is when you completely get off of creatine.

By doing this, you let the body to rest from the supplement, allowing your body to start sustaining its own creatine from natural food sources.

This is a popular method used because it keeps the body on its toes. Allowing you to benefit from creatine supplementation for the long haul.

Here is an example of a proper creatine schedule..

4. The "Cycling" Schedule:

Here is a sample schedule.

Week 1:

  • Start the creatine (Loading) phase by taking 20 grams daily (4x 5 grams) for five full days.

Week 2-4:

  • Continue taking 5 grams of creatine (Maintenance Phase) immediately after your workouts.

Week 5-8:

  • Cycle Off Period (no creatine usage). Let your body rest of the supplement.

After you complete the full cycle. You can began restarting the cycle, back to the loading, maintenance, and cycling phases.

This variation is a great way to keep the body guessing. Therefore, helping you maximize the benefits of creatine while keeping creatine levels high..

Bottom Line

The take home message when it comes to creatine levels is that they are four unique phases of taking creatine monohydrate:

  1. Loading
  2. Maintenance
  3. Cycling Off
  4. And Cycling Phases

These phases are important because it helps introduce creatine to the system. And once you get the body accustomed, you can start the maintenance phase.

We briefly discussed the importance of these phases and how much creatine the body needs.

The cycling schedule mentioned above is a common method bodybuilders and athletes use when they supplement with creatine.

Test this schedule out and see if it works for you!

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