"Good Sources of Protein"

Muscle Building Foods

What are some good sources of protein? Are all proteins the same?

good source of protein, high quaility protein foods
High Protein Meal

Here we'll talk about the different types of proteins available and start to look for the best protein sources.

The one thing you need to understand about proteins is this, there are simply different types and qualities of protein.

Some better then others.

All proteins are made up of different amino acid configurations. And choosing the right ones can be tricky..

Learning the difference becomes increasing important, especially if your goal is to build some serious muscle mass.

So, when looking for the good sources of protein we need to look into whole-food protein sources. Here is a list of..

High Protein Foods:

protein egg source
Whole Eggs

Eggs - This is an excellent protein source to have in your diet. They are versatile, easy to cook, they can be hard-boiled or scrambled. Making them easy to consume, especially during breakfast hours.

red lean protein source
Red Meats

Lean Red Meats - This is probably one of the best source of protein. Red meats are simply the great, they contain high amounts of natural creatine, vitamins and minerals.

chicken breast protein source
"White" Meats

Poultry - This is another great protein source. Chicken and turkey are popular amongst bodybuilders because of the "white" meats, these contain super high protein and also have very low fat contents.

tuna fish protein source
High in Omega 3's

Fish/ Seafood - This is another high source of protein. And is also a cheap alternative to more expensive products (ex. lean red meats). A simple canned tuna (very cheap) can contain 30 grams of protein and essentially zero fat & carbs!

milk, dairy protein source
Casein Protein

Milk - This is another ideal protein source. Milk is versatile and can be taken with a high protein meal. A single glass (8oz cup) can offer 8 grams of quality casein protein (great for pre-bedtime).

peanuts, peanut butter, nuts protein sources
Healthy Fat's

Peanuts/ Peanut Butter - Many people tend of avoid these source of protein because it is "high in fat". And its true, peanut butter is high in fat, but understand that the majority of its fat is unsaturated and are actually beneficial for muscle building.

whey protein powder shakes
Protein Shakes

Whey Protein Powders - These are also one of the best protein sources available. A single shake can contain anywhere from 24-60 grams of proteins (depending on the type)!. It is very easy to drink and some actually tastes good!

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Bottom Line:

The take home message here is: there are tons of good sources of protein.

Choosing the best ones can be tricky, but if you follow the list stated above. You'll have tons of options to eat and generally, all of those sources are available at any grocery market!

Go out there. Go food shopping and eat tons of high quality proteins! Yum!

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