"How To Muscle Bulk Correctly"

Staying Lean During A Bulk

Are you wondering how to muscle bulk correctly?

This is very important.

Because if you complete a bulk incorrectly, you’ll end up retaining a ton of fat during the entire process.

You see it all the time, especially from newbies and rookies.

They get carried away, and forget the purpose of a "quality bulk".

how to muscle bulk correctly, staying lean during a bulk
How To Stay Lean During A Bulk?

Instead of gaining a good amount of muscle, they just look more out of shape then ever before.

Don’t be like one of them.

Here I’ll explain the benefits of doing a muscle bulk correctly; as it helps minimize fat retention, and keeps your muscle gains high.

What Exactly Is A Bulk?

A muscle bulk is referred to consuming excess calories in the effort to maximize muscle gains.

For example, you go to a local warehouse store to buy goceries in bulk (in large portions). That same principle applies to a muscle bulk.

A muscle bulk is when you consume excess amounts of calories (in bulk) in the optimisms to gain some valuable muscle weight during the process.

But if your muscle bulk is done incorrectly, you’ll just end up with a bunch of fat and a super wide mid-section.

How To Bulk & Minimize Fat?

This is a popular question you see being asked.

While there is no exact method to keeping your body fat levels at an all-time low during one of these "bulks".

Since the basic term of a bulk is consuming a surplus of calories, and as you may already know, if you have a surplus of calories you’re gonna gain extra weight.

And of course, some of that being fat.

But with that being said, you can still minimize your fat retention by following these simple rules.

Do A Clean Bulk

A clean bulk is very much like a traditional bulk. You still eat a surplus of calories.

But the main difference is in the selection of foods you decide to eat.

A clean bulk example,

If your target bulk is 4000 calories. A clean bulk would focus a large percentage of your calories from quality whole-foods ~80%.

A misguided bulk example,

While a misguided "dirty" bulk, would be something along the lines of eating a ton of calories from processed, high sugar, and unnatural food options.

With each being equal, if all the calories match at the end of the day. It doesn’t really matter, right? Wrong.

Just because you fulfill the same amount of calories but with different food choices, you’ll end up with totally different results as well as different waistlines.

Incorporate Carb Cycling

Carb cycling is a diet plan that changes up your carbohydrate intake from a day to day process.

With designated days being high carb days, followed by a few low carb days, and some very low carb days, and cycling all over again.

It’s basically an eating schedule that controls the amount of carbs you’re allowed to consume in a given day.

The principle of this diet is to manipulate your body’s ability to process the carbs.

It's used to help keep your carb intake moderate, so you don't gain too much fat.

Do Some Light Cardio

Whether you’re on a strict bulk or not, some trainers would advise you against doing any type of cardio activity.

Their theory, doing cardio on a bulk is counterproductive. Because you're burning valuable calories by doing cardio.

And that defeats the purpose of a bulk. But I would say otherwise..

In fact, I would advise against it, I always recommend you do some type of cardiovascular program.

Because cardio workouts are great for your heart, health and keeps your metabolism high. While keeping your fat's low.

But that doesn't mean you should be doing high intensity cardio sessions. Instead you should opt for a low intensity cardio.

This is where your heart rate is steady and slow. It's important, because when you keep your heart rate low and consistent you won’t burn a lot of calories.

But burns just enough to keep your fat deposits low.

And also it keeps your heart properly engaged, active, and reduces bad body fat retention.

Bottom Line

The take home message is that in order to minimize fat retention during a muscle bulk.

Is that, you'll simply need to learn how to bulk up correctly.

This basically means, keeping your calories high but being smarter with your food choices. And doing light cardio.

Eating quality protein that equates to 2000 calories is not the same as eating deep-fried chicken wings (proteins) at 2000 calories.

Your calories need to come from a diversified set of foods. If it being protein, it needs to come from different sources as well.

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