How To Do
"Incline Bench Sit-Ups"

Learn The Proper Technique

The Incline Bench Sit-Ups engages the Rectus abdominis, External oblique muscles.

This lower ab exercise is great for targeting the much harder to reach abdominals, the lower abs. By doing this, you maintain muscle contraction during both positive and negative efforts.

The "Incline
Bench Sit-Ups"

Sit on an angled bench positioned under the rolls, keep your hands locked and behind the head:

  • Inhale and began to lower your torso less than ~20 degrees.
  • Raise the torso while slightly rounding the back (focusing on the rectus abdomminis).
  • Pause, and contract lower abdominals (~3 secs).
  • Exhale, slowly return to initial position.
  • Rest briefly, and repeat desired repetitions.

Benefits of This "Ab Exercise"

Lower Abs. This is a great exercise for hitting the lower abdominals muscles.

Variations. You can perform a slight variation to this exercise by simply, rotating the hips as your raise your torso. Doing these slight rotations, helps targets both the external and internal obliques.

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