"Muscle Building Diets"

Develop the Best Muscle Diet!

In this section, "Muscle Building Diets" you'll learn the importance of a solid diet plan, how it can make or break your fitness goals, and learn the correct way to design one..

muscle building diet, lean muscle diet
Your Muscle Building Diet Is Very Important

Are you one of the many who are..

- "Clueless About Muscle Building Diets?"

- "Sick and Tired of Being Called Skinny?"

- "Having a Hard Time Gaining Quality Weight?"

Or, "Not building muscle mass? Or getting the results you want?"

A tremendous portion of building an amazing physique is having a solid muscle building diet.

But yet, many people tend to neglect the diet.

The different between having a diet plan that works and one what doesn't is as clear as, night and day.

One that works will give you results, while the other will just be a waste of your precious time!

But before you go in and dive into a diet plan.

You need to learn and figure out what your Somatotype Body Type is.

This will help you best understand how to design an effective muscle building diet.

An strong diet plan is the pure foundation to anybody seeking amazing success when trying to build muscle mass.

Remember, the models in muscle magazines are professionals, and if you want to look like a professional, then you better start eating and training like one!

"To Look like a Pro! You must Eat
and train like a Pro!"

Don't worry, it's really not that difficult.. But that doesn't mean it easy.

It takes consistency, dedication and extreme self-discipline. But if your serious about your fitness goals, the diet portion shouldn't be a big problem.

There is no magic pill, there is no way around it. Plain & Simple.

Okay, Let's start..

In order to achieve your muscle building goals, you first need to learn how to design a diet program that works.

More importantly, a program that works for you. And for a complete Muscle Diet plan, these are important factors eating high quality: proteins, carbohydrates, and fats (EFAs).

When your designing a diet plan, You must learn the vital importance of a healthy nutritional diet and how it contributes to building a healthy body.

"In order to build a strong body -
you must feed it high quality foods,
to aid in the building of strong
muscle fibers and size."

Building Massive Muscles, we must feed it a solid blend of proteins, carbs, and fats (EFAs) - these macronutrients will help strengthen and lay the foundation for a muscular physique to take place..

Learn what works.. and forget the rest!

First of all, we must learn the basic components of designing a bullet-proof muscle building diet plan. And why each portion is vital to building and establishing quality muscle growth and formation.

The Macronutrients:

Proteins - The Building Blocks for muscles. These nutrients are used for the repair and rebuilding muscle tissue. Adequate intake is VITAL in growing muscle.

Carbohydrates- The Energy Source to help the body function efficiently. Carbs are the nutrients used to generate energy before, during, and after workouts.

Fats (EFAs) - The Supportive Source that aids in growth. These nutrients are important to the muscle building diet. It helps to regulate metabolism, maximize hormone production and decrease joint pain.

new food pyramid, essential nutrients
USDA Food Pyramid

Those are the key ingredients that will help your body grow strong muscle fibers and gain solid strength.

Like, with every body, there is no such thing as a one size fits all.

Especially true when it comes to a diet plan. Not everybody is built the same.

Each muscle building diet plan must be unique because each person has different body types, and different fitness goals.

But with proper preparation, and an honest analysis of your overall actively level, body type, and personalized goals.

You can create a customized diet plan that will help you build muscle, in a personalized fashion, suiting your individual needs.

When designing a diet plan. We'll use your overall diet on a percentage system with everything you eat, equaling 100%. With percentages breaking down into three components: proteins, carbs, fats (EFAs).

Example: A "50-30-20" Diet. Simply represents,
a diet consisting of 50% total intake in Proteins, 30% total intake in Carbs, and 20% total intake in Fats (EFAs).

Key Things To Remember:

When designing a muscle building diet.

A Highly Active Person:

You should start with a diet that's higher on carbohydrates. Doing this will help address your energy needs for proper weight gain.

A "25-55-20" diet or a "30-50-20" diet, will be sufficient to supply your body with the right amounts of nutrition.

A Very Skinny Person:

You should start with a diet that offers high amounts of protein and fats (EFAs).

A "40-30-30" diet will work best for your needs.

A Higher Body Fat Person > 15% for Men:

You should start with a higher percentage of protein, "40-50%" percent.

Doing this will help you reduce your fat intake and focus your body on consuming larger amounts of proteins to replace the fat calories.

Learn more about Body Fat Percentages.

Remember, this is only a start and only use this information as a base point. Your muscle building diets will periodically change and modify as you progress through your goals.

So, whichever muscle building diet plan you design today - will inevitably change in the next few weeks or month's - as your muscle building goals changes, as well.

Don't overly stress about it. Adding variations to your muscle building diet, will enhance muscle growth by helping your body undergo changes, which allows the body to cope to new conditionals - causing your body to continually build and strengthen.

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