How To Do
"One-Dumbbell Front Raises"

Learn The Proper Technique

The One-Dumbbell Front Raises engages the Deltoid (all three heads), Pectoralis major muscles.

This shoulder workout is a great workout when you only have a short supply of available weights.

Using a single dumbbell allows you focus on the form and functionality of the technique, rather then worrying about two individual weights.

The "One-Dumbbell Front Raise"

Stand with legs slightly apart while keeping your back straight. Keeping your arms extended, grasp a dumbbell with both hands:

  • Inhale, and begin to raise the dumbbell above the shoulders, until it reaches eye level.
  • Pause, and contract the anterior deltoids (~3 secs).
  • Exhale, and begin to lower the dumbbells back to its initial resting position.
  • Rest briefly, and repeat desired repetitions.

Benefits of the "One-Dumbbell Raises"

Great Workout. Especially if you only have limited weights to work it.

Work on Technique. This exercise allows you to focus on the controlled movements.

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