How To Do
"Tricep Dips"

Learn The Proper Technique

The Tricep Dips engages the Tricep brachii, Anconeus muscles.

This tricep exercise is great for working the arms, pectorials, and deltoid muscles.

These powerful movements targets a larger body of the mass, forcing the upper body to work even harder while maintaining its balance.

"Tricep Dip"

Suspend the body between two benches by placing the hands on one edge of the bench and your feet on the edge of the other bench:

  • Inhale, then began to slowly dip your entire body, by bending the elbows.
  • Pause, and contract tricep muscles (~3 secs).
  • Exhale, and began to slowly extend your elbows to initial position.
  • Rest briefly, and repeat desired repetitions.

Benefits of The "Tricep Exercise"

Full-Body Workout. This workout is great for working the entire upper body. It works the triceps, pectorals, and the anterior deltoids.

Adding Weights. This workout can be enhanced by simply adding weighted plates on the thigh as you complete the dips.

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