How To Do "Tricep Push Downs"

Learn The Proper Technique

The Tricep Push Downs engages the Tricep brachii, Anconeus muscles.

This tricep exercise is an effective workout to isolate the tricep muscle. And once the triceps are properly strengthen, it can help you perform more difficult exercises.

The "Tricep Push-Down"

Stand with your back against the machine, grasp the handle with an overhead grip. Keeping your elbows locked at your hips:

  • Inhale, and began to extend your forearms (keeping your elbows tucked close to the body).
  • Pause, and contract the tricep muscles (~3 secs).
  • Exhale, and slowly return handles back to initial position.
  • Rest briefly, and repeat desired repetitions.

Benefits of This "Tricep Exercise"

Excellent Isolation. This exercise is great for targeting the tricep muscles.

Variation. This type of exercise can be modified simply, by changing up the handles bars (ex. using a rope, over/ underhand grips).

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